STAR Foundation of Coastal Georgia offers a comprehensive 6 week program that focuses on the Computer Basics, Life Management Skills and Work Ready Education needed to acquire and maintain meaningful employment. Classes are held 4 days/week with additional homework required.

Here at STAR we believe that learning should be fun!

The program is interactive, interesting and engaging with lots of personal attention.

Our curriculum includes: basic computer skills, personal financial management, problem solving, goal setting, conflict resolution, interviewing skills and appropriate workplace behavior. Along the way students begin to feel empowered with a newly discovered purpose in their lives as well as a sense of pride in a job well done.



At STAR Foundation, we counsel and assess our students every three months (up to fifteen months) and this is what we learn:


We give students…


Emphasis is placed on basic life skills including creating a family budget, managing a checking/savings account, basic problem solving skills and how to set and work towards personal goals.


Students learn computer basics for the office environment including an introduction to hardware and software, Windows, Microsoft Word and Excel.



Students prepare a resume, practice interviewing skills and learn appropriate workplace behavior.



Our students gain a sense of self-confidence and personal achievement during our 8 week course to help them move forward and make changes in their lives.


Inspire Transformational Change..

STAR works to end poverty in our community by educating and empowering adults with the foundational skills needed to thrive personally and professionally.

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