Star has provided people with a supportive and positive environment to learn appropriate workplace attitudes, behaviors, financial planning, life skills and computer skills for over 22 years

The STAR Foundation has helped over 1,400 adults from challenging economic environments improve time management, financial planning, technology and conflict resolution skills to help them gain and maintain employment.

★ Over 78% of program graduates report employment success within 15 months of graduation

STAR currently offers multiple programs:

Employment Readiness

The “Employment Readiness Program” is STAR’s original program. This program lasts for 6 Weeks and is offered 4 times/year. This programs targets adults and focuses on building computer skills, life skills, career readiness, and financial management.

In-Office Professionalism     

The “In-Office Professionalism Program” is designed for those students who excelled in the Employment Readiness Program. This program lasts for 3 weeks and is offered 3 times/year. This program allows students to have experience with real office projects, collaboration projects, public speaking, and time management.


This 1-week long program is offered during the summer. This crash course allows students to explore career pathways, participate in group activities, and hone some career skills.

Employment and Education Readiness (18-24 yrs)


This program is geared towards students who are between the ages of 18-24 years old. This program has been offered on site and we have also partnered with Coastal Plains Charter High School to offer the program at their location downtown.

This program focuses on preparing young adults for college and/or a career. Through role-play, lecture, group discussion, journaling activities, and individual presentations, we allow students to grow comfortable presenting, interacting with others, and honing in on their goals.