“Leadership is an action, not a position ” (Donald H. McGannon)

The STAR of Coastal Georgia’s board comprises members from the coastal community who volunteer to carry out STAR’s mission. These actions may include supporting fundraising initiatives, helping build partnerships in the community, or volunteering their talents and experience in various other ways that help STAR’s staff focus on their number one priority- the students.

This year we are excited to congratulate our board’s new leaders: Donna Davis, Chair, and Parker Lavin, Vice-Chair. While they both hold leadership positions, it is their actions in our community that truly make them leaders.

Donna Davis has served on the STAR board since 2017; however, her work for the organization started well before then. Donna’s father, Don McGlamory, was the Director of the Brunswick

Housing Authority and in 1997. It was through his interactions with the community and the intimate knowledge of their challenges that led him to help Ellen Murphy and Katie Orrel start the STAR Foundation nearly 25 years ago. Mr. McGlamory applied for the grant that provided the seed money to build out the classroom and computers for the earliest star students.

Since its start, Donna and her family have supported every fundraising event STAR has had. “My Father, Don McGlamory, was instrumental in starting the STAR Foundation. His love for the organization and its leaders inspired me to pour some of my life into the work of this great cause.”

 Donna already has big goals set for what STAR can become for the community, “My hope for STAR is that we become the #1 educational non-profit go-to in the minds of every person in Glynn County. Just as you think of after-school help for children, you naturally think of Boys & Girls Club; I hope that you naturally will think of STAR one day when you feel about helping people become self-sufficient.” Donna’s professional role as an Insurance Advisor, Director of Business Development at McGinty-Gordon & Associates, is also helpful to STAR as she is active in the Golden Isles business community.

Supporting her in reaching these goals is Parker Lavin. Parker has been an essential member of the STAR board, managing the committee Board Development & Governance. As an attorney with Roberts Tate LLC in St. Simons Island, Parker brings his knowledge and experience in civil and business law to help STAR mitigate risks as they grow and add new programs.  

“I was excited to join the STAR board to use my skills and experience to help STAR achieve its mission of helping others by educating and instilling confidence in themselves,” Parker Lavin shared his reason for joining several years ago.

 In addition to the promotions of Donna and Parker, STAR’s board welcomed three new members:

Erika Speight, Vice President and Personal Advisor with Synovus Bank

Benjamin Sterling, Director Of Retail Operations at Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Elaine Griffin, Owner at Elaine Griffin Interior Design

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about supporting STAR, contact us today at (912) 554-0540. You can also email our Executive Director, kyajuana@starfoundation.org