We offer our students the opportunity to…



Hope for an opportunity for change and to do good.


We respect the dignity of our students and BELIEVE in their ability to change their lives.


We give each student the tools to GROW into the person they want to become.


We expect our students to SUCCEED!


In the fall of 1996, Wally and Katie Orrel and Ellen Murphy approached Don McGlamory, Director of the City of Brunswick Housing Authority, with a proposal to offer computer training to the residents of public housing to enable them to qualify for higher paying jobs. Mr. McGlamory agreed to the plan on a trial basis. In January of 1997 the first students were enrolled, and the STAR Foundation was born. The organization also received a 501(c)(3) non-profit status the same year.


For the first 3 years all the students in the STAR program were exclusively from the Brunswick Housing Authority (BHA) until a Points of Light Grant allowed the program to expand to include people living outside of Brunswick Housing communities. In 2000, the STAR Foundation became a United Way partner. With funding from the United Way of Coastal Georgia, STAR was able to extend its geographic reach to include residents of McIntosh and Camden Counties.


Over the years STAR’s Employment Readiness Program has transformed from a basic computer software training class to a unique experience that utilizes computer training as the basis for teaching life skills, financial literacy, and work ready competences. It truly educates people to become self-sufficient contributing members of the community.


Since 1997 STAR Foundation of Coastal Georgia has received recognition and funding from local and national organizations including:

  • On-going funding from the Brunswick Housing Authority (1997 – Present)
  • St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation (2008 – Present)
  • Yearly funding from the United Way of Coastal Georgia since 2000
  • 1 of 20 organizations nationwide to receive a grant from the US Department of Labor
  • Recognition from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development as a top National Best
  • Practices and Technical Assistance Programs
  • Recognition by the Georgia Housing and Redevelopment Authorities for improving the lives of Glynn County families
  • Co-recipient of a national grant from FINRA Foundation to teach Financial Literacy in Glynn County
  • A grant from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation in Atlanta, GA
  • An angel grant from an anonymous group of local philanthropists to formalize the curriculum