Donor Spotlight- Turning opportunity into results for adults in Coastal Georgia

By: Rachel Moore, Former Board Member,

How can I help? Is a common question that we receive from our donors who want to make a positive impact on the lives of adults and families in the community Last year STAR received a call from someone who had not worked with us previously. The call was to discuss an idea on how to help families in Brunswick, but they were not sure where, or how to implement their plan.


STAR was notified that a generous donor was interested in supporting a single mother who was working her way out of poverty.  The goal was to aid the parent in establishing an income that would more fully support her family’s needs.

This donor, who had not given to STAR before, was moved by the success of the students graduating from STAR’s programs and the impact STAR’s ongoing support had on sustaining their progress toward financial independence and the positive impact on them and their family members.

The generous scholarship was for $18,000 with a distribution of $1000 per month for one year and $500 per month for an additional 6 months.


Through conversations with the donor, STAR’s Executive Director was given the authority to select a worthy candidate from the program’s graduates who were making sustainable progress towards financial independence.


The scholarship is allowing the recipient to handle issues that have a significant impact on holding down a full-time job, such as help with child care and transportation.

In Conclusion

As a small non-profit, we are able to evaluate and respond to new opportunities quickly. The specialized donor program shared here is only one example of that adaptability. We are continuously approached to help facilitate adult learning programs, collaborations with other non-profits, and more.

If you have an idea of how to support our mission that you may not see on our website, call us today to start the conversation. We are open to new programs, partnerships, and fundraising activities that enable us to educate and empower adults in our community with the foundational skills needed to thrive personally and professionally.

So, how do you want to help today?